PCS Professional Cleaning Services cleans with a difference. This business demands that the job is done with the minimum of fuss and to a high standard. Commercial Movie Theaters buildings is what we do best.The type of services we offer are wide ranging and there will be something there to suit your need. PCS Professional Cleaning Services involves us using certified green products, if the customer requests, so we clean and keep environmentally friendly too.PCS Professional Cleaning Services, we desire to build long lasting partnerships with each of our customers. Each customer has unique service needs and we are prepared to meet those needs by offering customized service solutions.PCS Professional Cleaning Services offers a wide array of services that gives you a flexible, cost effective solution to managing your facility’s service demands.

Why Choose PCS Professional Cleaning Services, as Your Janitorial Expert?

·         24/7 Service: Nights, weekends and holidays, you still need janitorial services, and we'll consistently provide them

·         Hands on supervisors and accessible management to meet your janitorial needs quickly and effectively

·         Advanced safety training and strict OSHA compliance

·         Full range of services offered: From nightly cleaning to regularly scheduled carpet cleaning and hard floor maintenance

If you are a theater owner or manager, you are well aware of how difficult it is to keep your movie theater cleaning up to your patrons’ expectations.

​Try as they might, employee “spot cleaning” between shows usually leaves something to be desired. Without a proper deep cleaning each night, movie theaters begin to have a dirty smell and feel that can lose recurring business for your company.
From the moment they walk through your doors, patrons can see how effective your movie theater cleaning is:

·         Is the lobby clean, inviting, and free of trash and debris?

·         In your game areas, are the games devoid of dust and grime build-up?

·         Are your bathrooms clean, the chrome fittings and fixtures polished to a shine, and the air free of bad odors?

·         Do your patrons feel a sense of value when the find their seat or are they stepping on sticky spills, gum and someone else's trash?